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    bG Gallery Pop Up in Hollywood

    The Collaboration of Two Galleries bG Gallery is on the move now that their building at Bergamot Station has changed ownership. Gallery owner, Om Bleicher will be moving his gallery to another Santa Monica location…but in the meantime, he is continuing to exhibit his artists with the help of another gallery. This is the third[...]


    When I realised that my art residency was a short drive from the infamous waterfall Dettifoss I was determined go there. However, the severity of the winter meant no one was going.  In Iceland weather is king, if the weather says no, you don’t go. Piles of snow blocked the long drive to the foss and[...]

    Nine Horses

    Daniel Miller Gallery project Your Daily Photograph highlights my image Nine horses, Iceland.

    Volcano runs out of steam

    Somerville in Massachusetts holds an annual exhibition of images taken with alternative cameras. I have been keen on the visual distortion and mood created by the Diane camera, I entered some landscapes from an ancient shield volcano in Iceland that only recently was within reach of a road.  The new road, some 30 miles long is[...]

    Salton Sea exhibition UCR Palm Desert

    The exhibition Salton Sea: Past, Present, Future, was presented at UC Riverside Palmdale, CA opening October 5, 2017.  The work I presented was from my very first years of my long running Salton Sea project.  I began shooting there in 1994, much has changes, even the debris has become rubble.  My early shots included some[...]

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