The Collaboration of Two Galleries

bG Gallery is on the move now that their building at Bergamot Station has changed ownership. Gallery owner, Om Bleicher will be moving his gallery to another Santa Monica location…but in the meantime, he is continuing to exhibit his artists with the help of another gallery.

This is the third year Om Bleicher has presented Grayscale Wonderland and he has organized a compelling and dynamic exhibition.

Writer Henry Long picked out a few works to cover in his blog. “Landscape photographer Martin Cox is exhibiting a work from his “Snow Drawing” series. “I am drawn to places where there is some tussle between nature and culture, places where there is some back story now left in visual traces. In these snowy valleys there are only hints of human activity, but agriculture has left more of a mark of the landscape than may at first appear, animals grazing for centuries have removed all the forest.”

Mower-Conner’s work is a globe which she painted black and white in the show. Once she started working with spheres, she said she it freed her. “I am able to depict a seamless parade of imagery without the unwanted confines of the canvas edge. Prior to working on spheres, I experimented with various ways to extend a scene, panoramas, triptychs, linked series of continuous scenes. The spherical shape provided a suitable and pleasing solution.