Somerville in Massachusetts holds an annual exhibition of images taken with alternative cameras.

I have been keen on the visual distortion and mood created by the Diane camera, I entered some landscapes from an ancient shield volcano in Iceland that only recently was within reach of a road.  The new road, some 30 miles long is a dead end.  It was build by the construction company who are developing the site for a geothermal on top of the steam vents at the volcano.

I reached the site in February 2016 in heavy snow, the steam vent had melted a lake in a field of snow and ice, while the steam rose steeply above the valley.  It was very remote, and I felt like an explorer making a discovery.

A year later I returned to find the geothermal plant complete and the entire area was now strewn with huge overground pipes, and the plant now sucked in the steam for generation, the plume that had perhaps been active for over 1,000 years was gone.