While searching for a title for my exhibition I learned of the publication by FOSS of a limited edition book by Julie Laenkholm a New York-based artist born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Julie works in various mediums and defines her self as a sculptor. While on an artist in residence in Iceland, she reconnected with her family roots in Húsavík and found herself drawn to the history and culture surrounding this unique town in the north of Iceland.  Subsequently she held an exhibition at the Húsavík Museum in 2016.

When I read her book, the last line of a poem stuck out to me as describing my experience with the vision and scale of the Icelandic landscape – “far away and right here”, I contacted the artist and asked if may use this as my title, albeit slightly abbreviated.  Thus my exhibition for Húsavík came to be called Far Away Right Here – Langt í burtu hérna.

The Iceland-published book Húsavík by Julie Laenkholm is available here:


Húsavík by Julie Lænkholm
76 p. published by FOSS in 100 numbered copies