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Idyll: A short narrative or simple descriptive work usually in verse, or picture of pastoral scene, innocence, or rusticity, especially in county life.

“In his landscape series entitled Idyll, Martin Cox subverts a sense of immediacy. The viewer is separated in time from the eerie
elegant black-and-white images of Cox’s native South Wales and Southern England, and this seems to be the point. The roads abandoned
farmhouses and waterways of Idyll, familiar to the artist since childhood, seem just beyond reach. Though the images are
contemporary, they peek out at us from an alternate universe, as if we have tumbled into a scene someone else suppressed
from memory. Cox’s photographs, in rich tones of black and gray, often describe moments that are neither day nor night and
though there are no people visible, a human drama seems to have just occurred or is about to take place”. – Jenny Burman

Black and white prints are printed on archival paper, approximately square at about 16 inches across. (More images in the Idyll series are being added to the gallery each month)